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Susan Burke

Congrats to StudioFred collaborator Susan Burke who co-wrote the sceenplay for the feature Smashed. Smashed stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Smashed is getting great reviews and screened at Sundance.

Here's a short we made with Susan some years back. She is the star and writer:

This is a series we collaborated on with Susan where she plays Icelandic pop star Björk:

Congratulations Susan!

Me @ The Zoo

Congrats to the team behind Me @ The Zoo, the Chris Crocker documentary. Studiofred is proud to have been included. Our original Chris Crocker parody, used in the HBO documentary:

2012 is here!

One man's journey on the last day of the world.

Nerd Talk Cycle 2.0

The second cycle of Nerd Talk.

This time we were able to bring together some major shining stars of the geek cosmos:

Topics this time include the Star Trek reboot, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and Pixar.


The first segment:

Wyatt Cenac

Wyatt Cenac is now a writer and on-screen correspondent for The Daily Show. About a year before he made it on the show, he did a comedy video with us:

Congratulations Wyatt!


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